Rural 5G Internet

Rural 5G Internet could soon be a possibility for millions of rural broadband customers as several mobile phone networks announce the roll-out of 5G base stations in many rural locations. Once the 5G towers are installed then rural customers can use a 5G router and 5g sim card to get high speed 5G Internet connectivity. Many of these rural communities are a priority for the mobile networks as they are still using older 3G technology which is due to be shut down in the coming months and years and many were not upgraded to 4G so many rural customers did not even have access to rural 4G mobile broadband services.

The announcements by the 5G networks in the UK will mean high speed 5G broadband will soon be available and this will spur on manufacturers of 5G routers and 5G dongles to bring to market low cost, feature rich 5G devices for the consumer market. At present only Huawei provide a 5G router but many industrial M2M router manufacturers such as Teltonika, Cradlepoint, Perle, Sierra Wireless and Robustel will soon be providing 5G routers for business applications such as 5G CCTV internet to provide wireless 5G Internet connectivity for rural communities suffering from rural crime and these new high speed 5G services will help.