Huawei B315 4G Router

Today we take a look at the Huawei B315 4G Router.  This router has been around for a few years now and is still a popular, entry level 4G router for home and office use.



It provides the basic’s for a rural 4G mobile broadband installation.

  •  4 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet Ports
  • 802.11n WiFi with connectivity for 32 users
  • 2 x SMA Antenna ports for connection of external antenna
  • CAT4 LTE 4G Modem for good 4G connection speeds.

The B315 router uses a standard size SIM Card and is a reliable router to suit the majority of home users.

You can see on the rear of the router the power connector, the 4 x Ethernet Ports, A USB slot for connection of a printer for example and an RJ11 Telephone port that will allow you to plug in a standard BT Telephone (we recommend using an RJ11 to BT adapter with capacitor) and you can then make and receive calls.  These calls would use up any inclusive minutes on your SIM plan if you have any but very few people will actually use the phone feature.

B315 Rear

On the left hand side is the SIM card cover and you can also see to the right hand side of the SIM slot a large panel which you remove to get access to the external antenna connectors.  These are SMA Female connectors for MAIN and AUX antenna connections – this means that you can connect an outdoor 4G Antenna like the Fullband MIMORAD and put the antenna in a location where you have a better 4G signal.

If you are using an external 4G antenna then on most versions of the B315 software you can configure the router to use the built-in internal 4G antennas or set the router to use either one or both external antenna ports (MAIN and AUX).  We recommend using a MIMO antenna and configuring the B315 to use both external antenna ports.  After all, the reason that you are using the router with an external antenna is going to be because you don’t have a good signal where you position the router, but have a much better signal where you locate the external 4G antenna so you may as well invest in a quality MIMO antenna.

Whilst the Huawei B315 is a solid, reliable home and office 4G router you could do alot better spending an extra £30.00 and purchasing the newer Huawei E5186 4G Router which offers faster 4G with the latest CAR6 LTE module, Gigabit Ethernet Ports and superfast 802.11ac WiFi.