Directional 4G Dish Antenna for Rural 4G Internet

The GEM-DISH is a high gain, directional, dish 4G antenna covering the 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network frequencies and because it is a MiMo 4G antenna it is supplied with 2 x 5m cables with SMA/M connectors so they connect to the MAIN and AUX antenna ports of your router. The GEM-DISH 5G Antenna can then be directed to the mobile phone base station of your choice, depending upon your choice of 4G SIM card or 5G SIM card network provider.

The GEM-DISH antenna is 900mm diameter and is supplied with 2 x 5m antenna cables with SMA Male connectors and this high gain, directional 5G antenna has an impressive 24dBi gain. This directional MIMO 5G antenna is ideal for rural locations that are a long way away from their nearest network mast to enable a rural 4G connection.