MR600 4G Router

The TP-Link ARCHER MR600 4G router is a great value, embedded 4G+ router with SIM slot that lets you insert your 4G SIM card and connect to the mobile broadband network and get super fast 4G download speeds due to the embedded CAT6 4G modem.

MR600 4G Router
MR600 4G+ Router shown above with 2 x LTE 4G Antennas

This high speed 4G modem inside the MR600 router can use the 4G+ mobile network where available and enjoy faster 4G speeds up to 300Mbps download. Of course these boosted 4G speeds are not available everywhere but EE are making a concerted effort to upgrade their 4G towers to 4G+ so more rural customers can enjoy faster 4G download speeds.

Boost your 4G download speeds with the CAT6 4G modem inside the ARCHER MR600 4G Router.

The ARCHER MR600 router delivers the high speed 4G connection to connected devices on the LAN via Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired devices and 802.11AC (AC1200) WiFi for all your wireless devices delivering WiFi via 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi frequencies.

The 4G antennas at the rear of the Archer MR600 router are detachable and the router has SMA antenna connectors so you can replace the supplied indoor4G antennas with some outdoor 4G antennas eg. GEM606 4G Antenna or you can use a MiMO 4G Antenna with the two antennas in a single housing with dual antenna cables to connect into the rear of the MR600 router. You could also use a directional 4G Antenna or even the GEM-DISH high gain 4G / 5G antenna for really rural locations that struggle to get a 4G signal.