MIMORAD 4G Antenna

MIMORAD 4G Antenna

The Fullband MIMORAD is an Outdoor 4G Antenna that provides 4G MiMo antenna connectivity for your new 4G Router.

MIMORAD 4G Antenna

You would install the MIMORAD 4G Antenna outdoors where you have a stronger 4G mobile signal and then connect the antenna cables to the antenna ports of your 4G router.  This assumes that you have a better signal outdoors than where the router is located indoors.  The MIMORAD antenna housing contains dual 4G antennas, hence the twin cables which will connect to the MAIN and AUX antenna ports of your mobile broadband router.

What is 4G?

Simply put, 4G is the shortened name for the fourth generation of the wireless data transmission networks set-up by the mobile phone industry in order to offer more bandwidth and greater speeds for everyday wireless device operations, such as data transfer, video calling, mobile TV.

You might have been using 3G  for a while and used the internet over the air, but 4G is much quicker,  like your home broadband in comparison to your previous dial-up modem service.

It follows on from 2G and 3G, everything from surfing the web and video streaming, to downloading a movie or retrieving app updates are significantly faster when using a 4G network than they were before.

Next generation routers are now using 4G as standard, The MIMORAD® is completely future proofed, with excellent 4G performance. The new 2017 model, will ensure that if any new frequencies are allocated within the GSM/GPRS band, the antenna is completely future proof, and will work as expected, giving excellent results regardless of the frequency within the GSM/GPRS band

Why do you need 4G?

So why do you need it? Well, there are several advantages of having 4G over 3G. You might think a web page opens quickly enough on your 3G connection so why bother? But 4G falls into the category of not knowing how much you want it until you have to do without it.

You’ll get better quality video calling on a 4G, Skype your family across the other side of the pond with near HD quality?

For those that love a podcast, 4G will help you download them in seconds and you’ll also be able to update apps quickly using your mobile data, rather than having to wait until you get home for a strong, sturdy Wi-Fi connection.

Data transfer for commercial purposes, the MIMORAD® is being supplied to many corporate customers, and is an industry leading antenna, data sheets supplied for full specifications.

The Fullband MIMORAD 4G Antenna now supports the new 5G mobile phone network frequencies so can be used with both 4G routers and 5G routers.

Don’t forget – the MIMORAD Outdoor 4G MiMo Antenna can be installed outdoors where you have a stronger 4G signal and this is delivered along the antenna cable to the 4G router which is installed indoors where there may be a poorer signal.