4G Antenna

Living in a rural location you may find that you have a better 4G signal outdoors.  Of course the best thing to do with your 4G router is install it in the location with the best signal.  However in many cases the best signal is outdoors and that is when you can install a 4G Antenna.

The 4G antenna can be located in the position outdoors where there is the strongest signal and run the antenna cables to the router which is installed indoors where the signal is not as strong.

In many cases you would be able to test your 4G signal by using your mobile phone – in fact if you have an Apple iPhone you can change the signal strength bars to show signal strength in dBm and also to help is an online mobile phone network base station tool that will show you the location of mobile phone masts so you can work out which is your nearest network basestation and locate your 4G antenna on the side of the building closest to the chosen mobile transmitter.

In the majority of cases you can use an Omni Directional 4G Antenna that can just be installed in the location with the strongest 4G signal.  It does not need to be pointed at the cell site.  In many cases we recommend a MiMo antenna which has two antennas inside the antenna housing and two antenna cables that will connect to the two antenna ports of your 4G router.  We recommend that you use a 4G router for the best service rather than a dongle or MiFi unit.

One such antenna is the Fullband® MIMORAD® Outdoor MiMo 4G Antenna.  It is a professional grade outdoor 4G antenna that comes pre-terminated with 2 x 5m long antenna cables with SMA Male connectors that suit connection to the majority of 4G routerss.

It is a high gain, Omni Directional MiMo antenna and if you buy it from the 4G antenna store they offer  no quibble returns policy.  It is priced at £59.00 + £8.00 carriage + VAT.  They also provide antenna extension cables if you need to extend the cable lengths however please try to keep your cable runs as short as possible.  You should cound on around 0.5dBm of signal loss per metre of extension cable.

This means that when you were testing your signal strength you might have got -102dBm signal where your router is located indoors but when you tested with your router outdoors you may have got -85dBm – so you would install your 4G antenna where you got the better signal.  This means that becuase your antenna is located in a position where the signal strength is -85dBm and is now connected to your router your router should have a signal strength near -85dBm.  If you then extend your antenna cable by another 10m your signal strength when it reaches the router will now be -90dBm.  So the stronger your signal strength where you install your antenna will mean you can have a longer cable length, however if the signal reception indoors in similar to the outdoors signal strength then you may find similar or even worse performance from your 4G antenna.

Don’t forget when ordering extension cables for use with a MiMo 4G antenna you will need two extension cables because your antenna has two cables.