Rural 4G Internet

Many rural Internet users that have to put up with slow BT Broadband because they are too far away from the BT exchange and only get 500Mbps or less download speeds may now be able to take advantage of High Speed 4G Mobile Broadband.

This site will show you some tips and tricks to find out if you have 4G available and the best way to get started with a 4G router and choosing a 4G antenna to get the best service.

We also look at things like local WiFi expansion so that once you have your 4G service you can distribute it around your property and ensure that you don’t overspend on your 4G SIM Card subscription.


4G SIM Card With Large Amount Of Data

The problem with using 4G Mobile Broadband for your Rural 4G Internet Connection is the cost of data.  The only unlimited 4G Data Plans are for use in a mobile phone / smartphone only and if you remove the SIM card from your mobile phone and put it in your 4G router then the mobile network will disable your connection after a few days or weeks until you put the SIM card back into the authorised device.

large data 4g sim card

Once you discover that you can get 20Mbps, 40Mbs or even 60Mbps using your 4G Router and 4G Antenna with a 4G SIM card you will then be hooked and want to use 4G Internet for all your internet services.  Many standard consumer data plans only include 10GB, 20GB or 40GB per month of inclusive data, but may rural 4G Internet users want 4G SIM cards with a large amount of data.

Good news is on the horizon – there is a new 4G Mobile Phone SIM that includes a large amount of data with more competitive pricing.

The deal is available for Vodafone and O2 Networks  so if you get good coverage and good download and upload speeds with these networks in your location you can take advantage of these great value, large data 4G SIM card plans.

The two main offerings are:-

40GB per month               £40.00 per month + VAT

100 GB per month           £70.00 per month + VAT


The minimum contract term is 24 months and payment is by direct debit.

We think that compared to many 4G Data SIM Card tariffs that the 100GB SIM Card is good value for money.

If you would like more information about this 4G SIM Card for your Rural 4G Internet solution please call us on 01708 838058.